mercoledì 20 marzo 2013

                                              Walking in the rain!

                                                                      I was wearing:
                                                                      Shirt: Mango
                                                                   Jacket: Sandro Ferrone
                                                                    Pants: Silvian Heach
                                                                    Shoes: Rocco Barocco
                                                                      Bag: Benetton

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  1. Carina la giacca!Grazie per essere passata da me!=)

  2. hi dear thanks for dropping by in my blog.
    i love your blog and i am following u,
    care to follow me back? i followed u in gfc,
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    kisses from Dubai,

    1. thank you joan!!! i love dubaiii :D

  3. Fariss you are so pretty! i Follow you! Thanks for visit my blog!
    kiss M

  4. Very nice style. You are so pretty.

    You are so elegant when you look back in the rain, just like a princess.
    Welcome to share me on google+.
    By the way, are you interested in reblogging ( I mean, you can choose one of the favorite posts from my blog and post it on your blog, I will help to reblog your post as well, so both of our friends can see the latest update.)

    Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hey Lisa, thank you! :D i follow you!